Tuvalu Amateur Radio Club and DXpedition

John (KK7L) and Jared (N7SMI) will activate amateur radio DXpedition station T2R from Tuvalu September 27th - October 4th, 2016. Tuvalu is #74 on the Club Log most wanted entities list. We will operate 80-10 meters on SSB, CW, and RTTY from Funafuti Atoll.

Outreach Efforts

Tuvalu mapThis is not a typical DXpedition. Through the efforts of many before us, including Bob (VK2RG), Dean (KW7XX) and the RF Junkies team, and others, there are currently several licensed amateurs in Tuvalu. We will provide training to the local amateurs and ensure equipment is in place with intentions to establish a permanent and active Tuvalu Amateur Radio Club. Your donations go directly to supporting local amateurs getting on the air.

How You Can Help

While radio equipment for a basic station is currently in Tuvalu, additional training and support is needed to help get the station on the air. We kindly invite you to donate to the cause and support us. Any amount will help. Those who donate $10 or more will be provided priority QSL status and will be subscribed to the T2R Insiders Newsletter which will provide regular behind-the-scenes insights into the DXpedition and Tuvalu Amateur Radio Club plans. All sponsors and supporters will be listed on the Sponsors page.